Donate food from your cafeteria!

Before you sign up please do read about the process here - Companies and Factories (Corporates, Factories, Offices, Caterers serving regular meals in offices), Schools and Colleges, Hostels and PGs. You can find a sample of the agreement signed with Food Donation Partners here.


Our Values

  • Neutral: We do not discriminate. We respect all human beings and their preferences.

  • Integrity: Act without consideration of personal gain. Commitment to never misuse the power, influence or authority that comes with the mission.

  • Care: Always check the quality of the food that is being served or donated to the beneficiaries. Both - at the time of packing the food as well as at the time of donation.

  • Good Samaritan for Food: As a part of Zomato Feeding India’s network while donating food or serving food, it is done so with goodwill and without malice or malintent. 

I agree to follow Zomato Feeding India's values

I understand that Zomato Feeding India is a not-for profit working in good faith, and is not liable for my actions, thoughts or any risks to any person including myself 

I hereby provide my consent and authorise Zomato Feeding India to send communications to me

For more information on this, please write to us at 

If you have any feedback on Zomato Feeding India and how we can make it better, please write to us at

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Registered as Hunger Heroes. 

Under Indian Society Registration Act XXI, 1860

All donations are tax-exempted as eligible under section 80G of the Income Tax Act, 1961.