Working towards an India free of hunger and malnutrition.
Working towards an India free of hunger and malnutrition.
Poshan Rakshak
An opportunity to connect with the children at the grassroots and create an impact

Poshan Rakshaks are individuals who plays the role of a ‘rakshak’ or’ protector’ in the lives of an underserved child. This is a unique opportunity that bridges the gap between you and the beneficiary. It lets you connect with them, understand their on-ground realities, challenges, and bring smiles to their face by supporting them.

Feeding India Meals
Who can apply?
ok Motivated self-starters
ok Committed to the cause
ok Open to new ideas and experiences
Become the next Poshan Rakshak and lead the battle against malnutrition from the forefront, there are two ways you can extend your support:
Support a child

Feeding India, with the support of our NGO partners, reaches out to the most vulnerable and underserved children across the country. Here is your chance to support a child’s nutrition for their entire academic year.

How can you support a child?

The cost of supporting a child’s daily meal through the entire academic year is Rs 3300

To cultivate a more personal relationship with the child, with the consent of the child`s family, we can connect you to the child you support

This develops a close bond which will reflect in further support and guidance for the child

Feeding India Meals
Support a Anganwadi

Anganwadis are courtyard child care centres that form the cornerstone of health, nutrition, and preschool education for children under the age of 6. Can you imagine a childhood without basic amenities such as books, toys, and adequate clothing? Despite notable successful Government initiatives, there is a significant need for providing additional benefits to these children. Feeding India facilitates in-kind donations to local anganwadis near you and will enable you to contribute towards this battle at the grassroot level.

How can you support?

You can contribute items such as clothes, toys, books and stationary, amongst others. Aside from these donations, we encourage you to visit local anganwadis to meet the anganwadi workers, spend a day #intheirshoes and thank them for their efforts to improve the lives of the children. #thankyoudidi

Fill in the form below and we will connect you to the nearest anganwadi center.

Feeding India Meals