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20 - 31 October 2018 - International Chefs Week

Spread awareness and take action against food wastage and hunger
Read below to know how to participate

 40% of all food in the world is simply wasted. 

Food waste in India occurs in every restaurant, hotel, event, corporate cafeteria and household
This amounts to a total of Rs. 58,000 crore every year
All this food is thrown in mounting landfills where it creates methane gas deadly for our environment
Ironically, there are more than 194 million people in India who are hungry.

 We can change this. Join #FightFoodWaste 

Spread awareness

Share posts on social media and use hashtag  #fightfoodwaste #feedingindia. Use the sample content below along with the campaign image, and try to shoot a video if possible.

Sample posts

For Facebook & Instagram

On this #InternationalChefsDay I pledge to #FightFoodWaste & donate excess food to the hungry. Join the largest national movement in India to ensure no one sleeps hungry in your community. @Feeding India is setting up 500+ free Happy fridges across India to empower people like you an me to take action.  Sign-up now- #FeedingIndia


For Twitter

On this #InternationalChefsDay I pledge to #FightFoodWaste & donate food to the hungry. Small actions make BIG impact! Sign-up with @feedingindia to setup 500+ free Happy fridges to ensure no one in your community sleeps hungry #FeedingIndia

Tag Feeding India Social media handles

Twitter: @feedingindia
Instagram: @feedingindia


Use this Campaign Image

Take your own videos
Here is a sample

Donate Food

Donate food to people in need in your city with colleagues, friends & family.


Share pictures on social media using the content and hashtags mentioned above.

We are happy to announce that our partners are generously supporting a part of the costs of every Happy Fridge in your locality. To ensure that the Happy Fridge comes to life you can contribute to help raise the remaining amount. A Happy Fridge in your community will ensure no one sleeps hungry in your area. Be a Hunger hero and be a part of the national movement.
Impact: Each Happy Fridge will help serve 1,500 - 20,000 meals a month.