Why do some people beg, while some don't?

Why are some kids dressed in uniforms while some in tathered clothes?

Why do some people die becuase they don't get enough food to eat?

Why are some lives spent tirelessly under the burden of ensuring the next meal for the family?

Why is a country growing so fast not able to ensure food for all?

Why 'oh why' do 1.3 million Indian children die of malnutrtion every year?

And, while knowing this why does everyone seem to do nothing and simply watch?

we are here to change the world

you can too

Opportunities for College Students:

  • Start your own College Chapter: Just like Societies and Clubs at college, you can start your own Feeding India Chapter.

  • Lead your own team of volunteers

  • Donate leftover food from fests and college functions

  • Invite Feeding India for Internship opportunities

  • Conduct campaigns in your college to spread awareness

  • Become a Hunger Hero with Feeding India

  • Become a Superhero with Feeding India

  • Start a new City Chapter: If you do not have a Feeding India Chapter in your city you can even start one. We’ll be there for you like a true friend throughout the process.

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