Happy Fridge

Smart solution to ensure that no one in your community ever sleeps hungry

Bridging the gap at a hyperlocal level

Good Samaritans leave food in the Happy Fridge and anyone in need can access and consume this food, with dignity.


Partners for food collection


Partners for food collection


Partners for food collection

How it works?


Locate a community that requires a fridge and has an electricity point


Generate awareness about food wastage and hunger at a community level


Keep a check on the usage and impact of the Happy Fridge

Hear from our partners

The team at Zomato Feeding India is mission oriented and extremely focused on solving for hunger within communities by actively mitigating hunger. We are a proud partner and look forward to working with them on this noble mission for many more years to come.

Sanjay Jain

Owner, Elanrpro, Happy Frdige Program

Our partners

Community intervention to reduce food wastage

You can be the agent of change. Sign up if you know a spot where we could fit a Happy Fridge.