How Feeding India helped during Cyclone Fani

In May 2019, we decided to step in and do our bit for those affected by Cyclone Fani in Odisha. The idea was to help in whatever ways we can. It has been an uplifting experience on all fronts for us. From the kind of support we’ve received from people to the diligence shown by our Hunger Heroes, the May 2019 has been a memorable month. I

Within a week, through a relief fund we raised close to ₹1 crore in total. People from across the country have wholeheartedly contributed to the cause.  All the funds received were channeled through Feeding India to ensure the people most affected by the calamity were helped. The transparency maintained by the team — despite the prevalent chaos on the ground — is exemplary.

Feeding India Hunger heroes worked tirelessly even in times when there was no electricity, network connection or even food stocks in supermarkets to answer every distress call and help the victims. Hunger heroes have identified 10 villages with 50 families each of 4-5 people in the area that need dire help of food, water, medicines and household daily items. We’ve not only managed to feed over a lakh displaced individuals in Kiyajodi, Garipancham, Aarapada, Balipatna, Jatni, Jagmara, Pokhariput, Puri, Maaltinagar and Chandraka but also will be supporting all villages with supplies to last 1 full month to get them back on their feet. These kits will include items such as dry ration, infant food, bathing soap, dishwash bar, batteries, dental kits, candles, mosquito coils, phenyl, sanitary napkins, etc. in the affected areas throughout. We will also be using these funds to support rehabilitation efforts of the ones affected the most.

When we started the HELP ODISHA drive, we were very clear about our objective: participate and make a difference despite the logistic challenges in place. Going deeper in to non-urban areas that are disconnected was a conscious choice we made. If we were going to help, we had to do so without any reservations.  

However, the work isn’t done in Odisha yet. As we write this, our Feeding India Hunger Heroes along with volunteers are still working together on the ground helping people.


This is a rupee-by-rupee update on how the funds are being used.