Get involved now 

We're looking for compassionate citizens who can be the change they want to see. Here’s how you can help.

Volunteer with us

Take charge of your community. Volunteer 3-4 hours a week and help hundreds of people.

Donate food

Help us build meal reliability by regularly donating food from your school, college, office cafeterias.

Add a Hunger Spot

Help us map food insecurity within your neighbourhood.

Set up Happy Fridge

Manage a free community fridge in your society.

Donate funds

We're feeding the underserved.
You can help.

CSR partnerships

Adopt the running cost of any one of our programs, as a CSR Project.

Our Values


We do not discriminate.

We respect all human beings and their preferences.


Act without consideration of personal gain. Commitment to never misuse the power, influence or authority that comes with the mission.


Always check the quality of the food that is being served or donated to the beneficiaries.

Good Samaritan for Food: As a part of Zomato Feeding India’s network while donating food or serving food, it is done so with goodwill and without malice or malintent.

Become an agent of change

Are you an engineer?

Volunteer for building the Feeding Foundation app and drive large scale change. Please write to us at

Partner with us

To understand how you can partner with us, please reach out to us at

Share feedback

If you have any feedback on Zomato Feeding India and how we can make it better, please write to us at