Resident Welfare Association's Taking Action

Grain Collection Drive

Declare #ZeroHungerChallenge in your RWA

Organise a grain collection drive in your RWA.

Residents to donate packaged grains- Rice and Dal

Adopt slum schools where, each residents can pledge to provide 40 meals a month which is around only 3 kg of grains.



  • Motivation for economically weak parents in the vicinity to send their children to school.

  • Regular meals to children ensures proper education who otherwise go to garbage dumps.

  • Increase in 80% class attendance.

  • 100% of Feeding India's education programs witness 90% new student enrollments within 6-8 months.


Install Happy Fridge

Zomato Feeding India will be setting up 500+ Happy Fridges nationally free of cost, the largest such movement in the country and around the world.

Happy Fridges are innovative community fridges that re-distributes excess nutritious food from public/residential complexes to the people who need it.

People who wish to donate can easily place the food in the fridge along with a simple label.Any individual in need for food can take the food packets from the Happy Fridge for free with dignity.


Each Happy Fridge can help serve 1,500 - 2,000 meals a month

This will promote a healthy environment by tackling the massive challenge of food wastage.

Volunteer with Zomato Feeding India

Corporate Meetings and Events

Striking restaurant partnerships

Organising Campaigns

Mobilising activities to increase awareness

Join our family and be a Hunger Hero, to help solve the problem that kills 1.3 million Indian children every year. Zomato Feeding India is a platform that provides ways for individuals to volunteer by:

Going for food donation drives


The 24,000+ Hunger Heroes in the Zomato Feeding India family have helped serve more than 32+ million (3.2 Cr) meals in the last 5 years. You can be a part of this change too!