Happy Fridge

Smart solution to ensure that no one in the community ever sleeps hungry

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How to set up a Happy Fridge

Locate a place which

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Arrange an
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What people say 

about Happy Fridges

Ms. Sheeba

Resident Sector 48, Sohna Road, Gurgaon

We installed the Happy Fridge in December, 2018 and are proud that we are able to help so many people in need. I am responsible for monitoring the fridge and notice that we serve at least 50 meals throughout the day. In addition to lesser food wastage, the initiative has also led to a more involved community for us.

Sanat Garg


There are so many people who actually thank us profusely for taking this initiative. Many food donors say that they always discarded the leftover and felt very uncomfortable doing that. Now with the happy fridge, they feel the impact they create. As for the receivers in dire need of food, they feel so happy that they don't have to beg anymore and can take the food with joy.

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