We work to end hunger and malnutrition in India by providing food to vulnerable people.

A major portion of what we do is redistributing good extra food to people in need.

More than 20 crore Indians sleep hungry every night.


Food Donor makes a food donation request on the Feeding India mobile application 

Feeding India Hunger Heroes reach donor location

Hunger Hereoes check and collect the food

Transport the food to the donation center

Feed people in need at the donation center

Celeberate together

By simply directing extra nutritious food to people in need, we

Stop food from being wasted

Wasting is a bad habit

Feed mouths not bins 

The extra nutritious food actually helps feed someone in need instead of being thrown in garbage cans.

Save Resources

Save on resources that would have been spent on getting rid of the waste

Clean India

Ensure cleaner surroundings and municipalities by redirecting the food to people instead of being dumped in the residential garbage dumps.

Preserve Environment

Control extra food from creating methane gas lying in burgeoning landfills.

Sustainable way of ending Hunger

Ensures regular food donations hyperlocally.

Improve nutrition

Extra food often has variety. This means that we can choose portions and type of food to be served according to beneficiary health needs. For instance: more proteins  for children below the age of 15.

Improve health

By our feeding programs we have a direct impact on the health of the beneficiaries helping in increase their capacities to work and earn, while leading a healthy life.

Reduce Inequalities

We strive to close the gap between the rich and the poor. By fostering social protection for the needy, we promote income security and access to better nutrition, healthcare and education overall. 

Key Beneficiaries

Our focus is on feeding individual regular meals, especially those who cannot earn for themselves
due to natural  hardships. We also donate to other target groups and work towards making them independent. We help people get up on their feet so they can get study, work, play and live better.

We do not discriminate beneficiaries based on religion, gender, age, color, national origin, etc.

Children - Below the Age of 18 years
Children, especially orphans have a hard childhood when they face hardships such as poverty, inadequate shelter, no education during their young years. The problem becomes even more grave when the most basic necessity of food is compromised having a disastrous affect on their health, education, and social learning.

Specially Abled Individuals
There are people around us who are specially abled, and these special abilities pose multiple challenges for them in their day to day life, also stopping them from getting employed.

Old Age Citizens
As a part of the ageing process, the elderly suffer from different diseases and ailments, many of which are the result of dietary factors which get compounded by the naturally occurring changes in their body systems. Also due to lower or no source of income it become difficult for them to afford food rich in micro nutrients, are essential for them at this stage, which further leads to loss of cognitive functions like deteriorating vision.

Our View
Feeding India works to preserve the childhood of the children and ensure that their health, education and social learning is not compromised due to inadequacies related to food. These individuals are the future of our country and the maximum learning that takes place during the early years should be capitalized.

Our View
We must collectively ensure that people with disabilities do not feel socially excluded, or categorized. If people should not be discriminated on grounds of caste, religion, etc., they should also not be ill treated if they have disabilities.

Our Stand
Feeding India believes in helping people in the last stages of their lives. Our childhood is a journey full of fun and learnings and so our old age should be no different. We identify and provide feeding programs and rehabilitation to abandoned senior citizens, women and children. This includes providing balanced meals, medical facilities and other day to day needs.

Impact on Beneficiary Group
Feeding India provides nutritious meals 3 times a day to children and monitor their increase in  nutrition levels and overall health. Children receiving balanced meals have increased attention span and energy levels which are directed towards better studies and activities, a better future.

Impact on Beneficiary Group
Feeding India takes additional steps to donate food to needy people with disabilities. We prioritize their feeding programs and also organize special training programs so the beneficiaries can contribute towards their own living.

Impact on Beneficiary Group
We support the elderly who no longer have a source of income, by providing them meals rich in nutritional content which are easily digestible and necessary.



90% of all Feeding India Hunger Heroes are from the age bracket of 18 - 23. Along with giving the youth a platform to raise their voice and act, through the Superhero program, we train young minds so they can contribute more within and outside the organization.


We serve people coming from all walks of life, irrespective of their religion, gender, caste or age group thereby reducing inequality and promoting harmony at the same time.


With regular provision of meals, children can focus more on education and extra curricular activities which leads to a fall in the number of School Dropouts.

A healthy being makes for well formed mind.


Food thrown in landfills produces the deadly Methane gas on getting decomposed, which adversely affects the ozone layer of our environment. We prevent food from reaching to the landfills in the first place.


We strive to feed as many people as we can sutainably, to move towards a Hunger Free India


By preventing food from being thrown into bins, garbage dumps near our residential areas and ever going landfills we are ensuring a cleaner India.


Near 42% of all Indian children are undernourished. By balancing meals according to benificiary type (proteins for kids, digestibles for old, etc.), we ensure better nutrition intake for all.


Less food waste makes both social and environmental benefits. Our initiatives focus on ensuring minimal wastage wherever possible. 


People who have balanced beals are healtheir and are able to work better to increase their economic standards and become self - sustainable. A hard working population adds to the economic workforce, which is critical for a developing country - India.


Communities stepping up to help other communities fosters love, selfless giving and a more peaceful soceity. Reports prove that people who care more are less propbable to resort to deomestic or public violence.


We save on resources that would have been spent in getting rid of the food waste : money, energy, time and transportation - fuel, gas, burning of which increases carbon footprint.


Our endevours ensure that we work towards closing the gap between the rich and the poor.