Abandoned by his father & living with a mental condition, Deepak finally found a home.

Feeding India Centre- EARTH SAVIOUR, Faridabad

26 year old Deepak was a working professional and used to stay with his father who remarried as Deepak’s mother left them when he was 11 years old. Deepak quit his job, and in an unfortunate incident all his personal documents got stolen. He applied for new jobs, but the search went all in vain as no one would entertain a job applicant without the required documents. Unemployed, Deepak’s father kicked him out of his house as he didn’t consider Deepak a part of his family anymore. Without any money or belongings, he was forced to live on the street and ate leftover food thrown away in garbage cans, and often also slept hungry and thirsty. His suffering hit him deeply due to which his mental health deteriorated, making him a victim of mental instability and trauma.

Two years later, in June 2019, the police brought Deepak in a very undernourished state to The Earth Saviour Foundation in Faridabad, that shelters and provides care for adults without families, and he has stayed with them ever since.

He no longer has to worry about getting regular food as Feeding India distributes daily meals to the shelter home. His mental health is much better now as he started smiling again, and even helps the foundation with computer work from time to time. August marks our 10 month partnership with Earth Saviour Foundation that takes care of abandoned people living with mental disabilities, above the age of 18. During the first half of 2018, Earth Saviours had 450 members and managed meals through donations on an ad hoc basis or order food in small quantities, and now they have around 500 members in total where regular meals are served by Feeding India.

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