• Pulkit Goyal

College Mess- What a MESS!

College canteens serve delicious yet pocket friendly meals which students love! Some college canteens are even renowned across the country for the food they serve, St.Stephen’s mutton cutlet, IIT-Bombay’s rolls and DSE’s ice tea. But at the same time, one aspect they should not be renowned for is the terrible amount of excess food from their kitchens that is thrown out.

According to the latest report on the All India Survey on Higher Education, there are 799 Universities, 39,701 colleges and 11,923 standalone institutions in India. Every college has its own canteen, multiple messes and cafes which generate enough surplus food to feed 120-1100 people daily!

Given that almost 40% of food produced in India gets wasted which could feed the 195 million undernourished population of the country, curbing food waste in our institutions becomes imperative.

To address this issue, Feeding India has enabled colleges to prevent food wastage and donate excess food to people in need by initiating ‘Campus To Plate’ (C2P) program. Through C2P, all the excess food is collected by our Hunger Heroes directly from the campus and served at Hunger Spots where people are in requirement of food. Any college, university and school can be a part of this program. If you wish to nominate your college, simply fill this form.

The FSSAI has also previously launched the ‘Eat Right’ awards in 2018, and IIT Gandhinagar has become India’s first ‘Eat Right’ Campus, followed by IIT Roorkee and LBSNAA Mussoorie. The campus met all requirements including recycling food to prevent wastage. In addition, student unions across universities should be heavily involved so that they’re actively addressing food wastage in their own campuses, and come up with innovative ideas to help hungry people right outside their colleges.Also, a large student network helps in conducting regular audits in a shorter span of time for the authorities to avoid any logistical issues, and would make the entire operation smooth and efficient. If you wish to start a Feeding India chapter chapter in your campus, let us know!

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