#HungerHeroStories: Shital from Ahmedabad

Shital, the city leader of the Ahmedabad chapter, is a ‘Hunger Hero’ in the truest sense. She knew right from childhood that she wanted to be engaged in volunteering to create a meaningful impact on her environment. A sensitive and committed leader, she was moved by the plight of homeless children, bereft of wholesome meals and a proper diet. So, she set out to change this agonising reality and founded Feeding India’s Ahmedabad chapter.


She is a firm believer in the philosophy of starting small and building it up from there. So, Shital led her team of dedicated volunteers to take on the challenge of feeding as many hungry mouths as they possibly can, everyday 365 days a year. What started out as a weekly donation drive has now become a cherished daily ritual. Everyday, Shital and her team collect leftovers from restaurants and hotels all across Ahmedabad from 10 pm to 10:30 pm. After which they personally distribute all of this food to hungry children and families, between 10:30 pm to 1 am, thereby ensuring that quality food reaches those who are in dire need of it. To her, this is more than just a routine job, it is a fulfilling experience that fuels her desire to do more for her community. Just about 9 months ago, Shital just had an idea, a simple idea that’d help feed some, if not all. Today, she and her team of have successfully partnered with nine different restaurants and hotels, and have been able to sensitise varied communities towards those who are forced to sleep on an empty stomach.  

Shital hopes that in the future more and more people from her neighbourhood and city are motivated to join her in our shared fight against hunger. She would, ideally, want to have 9 ‘Magic Trucks’ functioning full time in her city to collect food from every nook and corner of Ahmedabad,  which can help feed numerous hungry souls. But, most importantly she wants to live to witness a change in the attitudes of people towards food waste and hunger. She encourages one and all to have healthy relationships with food and to commit to working towards fostering a hunger ridden world for all.

Shital is a true inspiration for one and all. Her ingenuity and flexibility, with regards to working with available resources to create a lasting impact on society, is truly commendable. Her unflinching and selfless commitment towards the goal of ‘zero-hunger’ should serve as motivation for all of us,  to do our bit to solve the menace of hunger.

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