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Tales of a Hunger Hero: Guwahati Chapter

Updated: Sep 22, 2019

By Archi Mittal

The eastern parts of India have always been blessed with higher rainfall than most of us in other parts of India have ever witnessed. However, this blessing often turns into a bane when sudden downpour throws life in these regions out of gear for days.

This May, a similar calamity hit Assam. Only this time, Assam saw its own set of heroes rise to action. One such group was our team of Hunger Heroes from Guwahati.

The Feeding India, Guwahati Chapter was initiated roughly two years ago in 2017 with a team of just four Hunger Heroes - Anismita, Sachin, Ravi, and Sourabh. Their contagious enthusiasm has helped this team grow into a team that is 450+ members strong.

When the floods hit their home state, there were millions of people displaced from homes, with no food to eat. That’s when a team of 35 Hunger Heroes from the city sprung into action to provide 23000+ relief packages and over one lakh meals. Despite access being limited for these calamity stricken areas, our Hunger Heroes made us believe in the power of action.

Meet team Guwahati

Sachin Jha, an Accounting Service Provider by profession leads the Guwahati Chapter. He always stays in touch with the volunteers and meets the team every Sunday to identify and plan new initiatives in the city. He believes in "Service to Humanity is Service to God”

What’s new?

The team has now adopted a school in the city. Tri-nagar Prathamik Vidyalaya has about 55 students who come there daily. The team ensures a regular supply of food grains and monthly stationery. Along with this, they also spend Saturdays at the school with the students to serve freshly made breakfast and take sessions for Yoga, Music and Dance.

The world is a better place to live in because we have people like these who put others before them, they live for a cause, serve others, and go that extra mile. They are the heroes we need.

This team fills our hearts with pride and joy, every single day.

Want to be a part of a team like this?

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