These HUNGER HEROES save the day!

Updated: Oct 22, 2019

“Even a few people working towards a common mission can together move the world”

There are people in society determined with a passion to fight hunger and ensure zero food wastage globally, contributing to it are 21,500+ Hunger Heroes from Feeding India.

A ‘hunger hero’ refers to a volunteer who not only supports our cause but takes firm action towards it. FI Hunger Heroes are on ground collecting excess food in large quantities from various sources, and distribute it to our beneficiaries across the country, night and day in their ‘magic wheels’ or food recovery vans.

Our hunger heroes are mostly college students and working professionals from different walks of life, living in different cities across the country who take time out of their busy schedule on a daily basis to contribute towards the cause. They collect food from various sources including large events, weddings, restaurants and distribute to people in need including slums, shelter homes, and sometimes post midnight outside railway stations and to people sleeping on the streets. Hunger Heroes also spread awareness about related issues within their city and mobilise people towards the common mission.

“Not only did it open my eyes to the condition of young and old lives, it gave me an opportunity to make them believe that someone out there was willing to help them.’ It is pivoted around the global problem of hunger and food wastage and its multifaceted character. As a contributor to the social sector myself, I am of the opinion that hunger is a basic need, which if not satisfied will act as a roadblock in the national development.’’ said one of our volunteers in Nagpur.

One night in Ludhiana, Hunger Heroes were distributing food outside the railway station at 3 AM where about 150 people were in the queue waiting for it to be served where of the beneficiaries was an old man, wearing torn clothes, who gave one of the volunteers 100 rupees for the great work they did, and the team was overwhelmed by the warmth of his heart.

Our movement started with just 2 members in 2014, and we now have a network of 21,500 volunteers spread across 82 cities serving a million meals a month to achieve zero hunger.

You can start your journey here, and become a Hunger Hero too by saving the world one meal at a time.

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