Our Team


Our core operations are managed by a team of 14 members based out of our office in Gurgaon. And we are supported by 100s of Zomans spending extra time on Zomato Feeding India contributing their networks, their design skills, tech ability and their managerial capability making Zomato Feeding India one of the best not-for-profit teams in India.

Through our various programs - Magic Wheels, Happy Fridge and Hunger Heroes we bridge the last mile to bring the supply of food to those in need. In addition to running scalable operations centrally, we also empower citizens with the tools and data they need, so they can drive change within their communities. 

If you share the organisational vision of 'food for everyone' and believe that you can add value to our mission, please get in touch with us. We love talking to people who believe in change and want to make a difference, even if it is to volunteer their skills and time outside of their full time jobs. 

Ankit Kawatra
Srishti Jain
Sheetal Murthy
Partnerships and Growth
Ayushi Sharma
Partnerships - Food Supply
Archi Mittal
Partnerships - Food Supply
Asmita Sethi
Volunteer Management 
Vaebhav Badola
Abner Daniel
Operations - Magic Wheels
Akshay Raina
Operations - Magic Wheels


Has food been the love of your life? Do you hate to see food thrown into bins? Have the hungry-homeless kids on the street caught your eye? 

There may truly be a Hunger Hero residing within you! And we welcome you to be a part of this network of Hunger Heroes who have become real heroes for many. As a Hunger Hero at Zomato Feeding India, you are whole heartedly welcome to be a part of our food donation drives, our events and campaigns, providing you with multiple opportunities to be the reason behind someone's happiness.